Overviewer GUI

Back when I played Minecraft, I created a simple winforms app to render maps with the Overviewer without having to resort to the command line. It’s had sporadic activity over the years, with it recently being active to support the new Python 3 Overviewer and to release on the Windows Store. There are plans to convert this into a Desktop Bridge UWP app.


In 2017, I published an article with some some future plans for WinIRC, including refactoring the app. This is the first major result of that refactor - the IRC cnnection portion decoupled entirely from the UI, and distributed as a Nuget package. This will be the base of a future WinIRC 2.0 and SignalIRC, an as yet unreleased ASP.NET IRC client I’m working on

UK Car Tax calculator

At work, we needed a library to calculate the vehicle tax for a vehicle, and as far as I could gather at the time one did not exist. So I created a library that could be used to calculate road tax for most cars and vans.